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French / Sliding / Bi-Fold Doors

All three of these doors are great ways to introduce more light and air into your home.

French doors are a classic addition to your house with dual opening and locking doors, they allow you to open your home to the outside without compromising on your security.

Sliding doors are optimal space savers as they don't open into your house or garden allowing you to maximize the space in your house. Great in bedrooms paired with a Juliette Balcony.  

Bi-folding doors remain king in creating vast openings in your home. With their ability to concertina and stack to one side of your opening you're are left with complete, unimpeded access to your space blurring the boundary between inside and outside.

The Benefits of our Doors

Comprehensive Range

From traditional through to contemporary we offer a huge range of door styles to choose from. Each door can be customised through colour choice, texture and door furniture creating an individual look. 


High Security

Each of the styles of door have their own individualized security features ranging from deadbolts to multi-point locking mechanisms so you can feel safe in your home.  


High Performance

Engineered to last, our doors offer high performance whatever the weather. Fully insulated door panels, triple glazed and laminated glass units and integrated weather bars deliver outstanding performance and peace of mind.

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