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Glazing Repair Services

Repair Service

Windows and doors are made up from many components and sometimes one or more of these components can fail or break. Rather than spending out on a new window or door it is often possible to replace the broken component for a fraction of the cost.

APEX Installations has been repairing windows and doors in the Bedford area for over 20 years, saving customers many hundreds of pounds.

Whether your window has steamed up, a hinge is sticking or a handle has become loose, give us a call, in most cases we will be able to offer you a cost-effective solution.

Steamed Up Windows

Misted Windows

Steamed up windows or windows with condensation between the panes can be very unsightly and reduce the light into your home.

We can quickly and cost-effectively replace the glass unit regardless of the window frame material.

Our unit replacement service covers windows and doors and all types of glass, including leaded, Georgian bars, patterned or textured glass.

Window and Door Repairs

Window and Door Repairs

Doors can experience a variety of problems; they can drop, seize up, hinges can stick, locks can break, handles can become loose and seals can wear out.

All of these common problems can be easily solved without costing the homeowner a fortune.

In addition, if you are looking to give your door or windows a facelift we can upgrade locks, handles, replace panels and door accessories or even fit a pet flap!

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